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These plaques are Coming Soon!! Pictured is an example of one of these plaques that I made for an extremely great friend of mine. (Another one I made for my son, but I will not be making that style of plaque available for sale.)
Just a note: If you have a son/daughter/husband/wife/friend/relative etc. in the Armed Forces I hope that you support their choice to serve and protect this country and it's way of life. No matter if you agree or disagree with the war, we need to support our troops. It is them that honor us by serving.

These plaques are a great way to show your service member that you support them. I am not just saying this to sell a plaque. I frankly do not care if I sell any. The only reason I say this is because these plaques will be a symbol to our service members that they can keep for the rest of their lives. Something that they can keep on their wall, on their mantle, or in a cabinet.

That being said.... Please support our troops, tell them that you appreciate their decision to serve, tell them how they honor us by their decision to protect our rights to freedom and our way of life.

Semper Fi Service Members! OooRahhh!! And Thank You!!


This plaque I made for my son who joined the Air Force. (Click on the picture for larger image.)

  Military Plaques - Made to order - COMING SOON!! 
This is a sample of the plaques that will be available. This particular one I made for a great friend that retired from the Marine Corps. These plaques are approximately 14 inches in diameter. They take a long time to make, this particular plaque took about 5 hours or so. Stay Tuned for more info on getting one of your own.
Click on the Picture to see a larger image.

Item # LWHMP                        Military Custom Plaques                Price will Vary


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